Monday, 6 October 2014

Book Review: Never Let You Go by Emma Carlson Berne

Megan is thrilled to be spending the summer with her best friend Anna at her Uncle’s farm. After what happened last summer with Mike, Megan thought Anna would never forgive her. On the farm, Anna falls for a boy named Jordan, but Jordan is more interested in Megan. Megan promised to never betray her best friend again, but she finds herself falling for Jordan. Anna would hate Megan if she ever found out, and what started as the perfect summer, is about to take a dark turn.

   I received this book for review from Emma herself. I had high hopes as I read the synopsis and checked the ratings for this book. Unfortunately this book did not meet my standards. The idea Emma Carlson Berne has created is excellent but, I don’t believe she delivered the idea as well as it could have been.
   I found the characters weren't as well developed as I hoped they would be. The main character Megan, I find is a weak person. She let her friend Anna push her around and make rude comments about her. She never stood up for herself, she even admits she let’s Anna push her around, but does nothing about it. I also found Megan to act younger than her age. I’m still not 100% sure what her age is, but I’m assuming its between 16-18. Megan often acted like she was 11 or 12. She has a very juvenile personality. Anna was this crazy, wild girl, which ties into the story and problem perfectly because that’s the personality she needed to make this a story. I found Anna the best character in this story because she is very unpredictable and her wild side makes her all the more interesting. Lastly, I have trouble describing what I thought of Jordan. I felt most of the time he was just there. I don’t know what to say about him, he is your typical country boy which was what I assume Emma was going for when creating this character.
     The setting was an excellent idea I think because this plot and problem couldn't have taken place in a better spot. The farm is in the middle of nowhere and all they have is the farm which leaves them isolated in the one area. I’m trying not to spoil the book so I can’t really say anything else. But, I find Emma did a good job of describing the scenery and left a perfect picture in my mind.
     The thing that bothered me the most was that you don’t really know what the characters look like! Jordan and the other farm hands were described in the story, but that’s it. I have no idea what Megan looks like, I only know she has brown hair and wears old vintage clothing. Anna is the same, black hair and very reviling clothing. That’s all I got, so I never knew how to picture Megan and Anna.
     Lastly, this is a minor thing, but it seems to bug me a lot. The cover shows a girl with blond hair. I thought at the beginning this was what Anna was suppose to look like, but it’s not her. I’m puzzled of who it should be. I wish Anna looked like the girl on the cover, that’s how I pictured her at the beginning. Again, this isn't a big deal but I thought I should mention it.
   I don’t enjoy writing bad reviews for books, and I don’t want to sounds rude at all. I’m not bashing the author, but I need to be honest. I’m not going to lie, I find this is simply feed-back for the author so they may improve on their writing and think of the things mentioned for next time.
Rating: 1/5

About The Author:

     First, Emma Carlson Berne thought she was going to be a college professor, so she went to graduate school at Miami University in Ohio. After that, she taught horse-back riding in Boston and Charleston, South Carolina. Then Emma found out how much she enjoys writing for children and young adults.
     Since then, Emma has authored over three dozen books, including YA thrillers and romances, historical fiction, and education non-fiction middle-school and elementary school students. Her work has been published by Alloy Entertainment, American Girl Publishing, Simon Pulse, Lerner Publishing Group, Capstone Press, and Sterling Publishing Company.

     Emma lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and two little boys.

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